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11/20/09: Islamic House of Wisdom seeks contributions

Islamic House of Wisdom seeks contributions

Friday, 11.20.2009, 07:02pm- Arab American News

DEARBORN HEIGHTS— Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi, religious leader of the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights, is appealing to the community for funds to meet an upcoming financial obligation. In a letter sent to The Arab American News, Imam Elahi announced that negotiations with the bank holding the mortgage on the building in Dearborn Heights has resulted in a $450,000 decrease in the total amount due. That deal is conditioned on the mortgage being fully paid by November 25.

Elahi said that an emergency fundraising dinner held on Wednesday, November 11th, raised $200,000. "We now need only $290,000 more to free the Islamic House of Wisdom from its mortgage for good," he said. "If we are unable to come up with this amount, the bank will sell our mortgage to another company and we will lose that generous offer and be subject to the new mortgage holder's terms."

Elahi said the services provided by the IHW were very important to the community. He said donations and loans would be accepted. Interested persons may donate online (, at IHW directly or by calling IHW at 313.359-1221. The names of those who donate more than $5,000 will be engraved on the Legacy Tree hanging at the entrance of the IHW.