IHW Occasions

1/7/17: Welcoming the New Year- Family Gathering

Families of the community, almost 300 people gathered for a breakfast & program at the IHW to welcoming the New Year of 2017. Will post a brief of the program soon!

11/18/16: Arb'aeen Services at the IHW

Arba'een Commemorations
The dynamic, dedicated and passionate youth of the Mainstay Foundation in collaboration with IHW held an excellent Arbaeen program both in Arabic and English for three nights last weekend.

The program followed with a variety of delicious food and fruit bringing a real atmosphere of Arba'een with the spirit of Arbaeen march in Karbala these days.
View Photo Highlights- HERE


11/19/16: Dangers of Hookah Info Session Held by the Youth of Wisdom

Dangers of Hookah Info Session Held by the Youth of Wisdom

One of the first in the Youth of Wisdom's #elev8 series.
Special thanks to sister Rokaya Alsehmani and Eastern Michigan University College of Nursing for their collaboration. Stay tuned to future #elev8 events and activities!

Youth of Wisdom's NEXT Occasion:
Family Movie Event- Dec. 17th at 2:30pm!

09/23/16: Eid al-Ghadir Celebrated at IHW

Eid al-Ghadir- Celebrated at the IHW with a program for the families and dinner. Br. Younus Makki engaged the children with a discussion and nasheed. Imam Elahi followed with a message for all. Thanks to all of the participants for joining us and to the staff/volunteers for their effort in the event!