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4/26/12: Fundraising Dinner Report

Islamic House of Wisdom Fundraising Dinner a Success!              

The Semi-Annual Fundraising dinner at IHW was held Sunday, April 22nd with the presence of Ayatollah Sheik Abdul-Latif Berry, Imams and board members of local Islamic Organizations, Interfaith clergy, Congressman John Conyers, Dr. Hussam Diab- General Consulate of Lebanon, Judge David Turfe, Osama Siblini- editor in Chief of the Arab American News and hundreds of community leaders and members.

After the youth presentation by Br. Ali Najaf and the financial report by IHW treasurer Rafiq Diab, Imam Mohammad Ali  Elahi was introduced by Khalil Hachem to address the guests of the occasion.

Imam Elahi welcomed and thanked the guests of the dinner by saying, "Life is time and time is the greatest gift of God to humanity. To spend some of your time in the house of God is already a great contribution. The Prophet (pbuh) said, be more greedy about your days than your dollars."

The main message of Imam Elahi was about cooperation within the family, community and universal fellowship. Quranic cooperation is motivated by piety, sincerity and responsibility and not through sin, selfishness, greed, evil and injustice. Even the Islamic rituals like our daily prayer are platforms of not only getting closer to God but cooperation with humankind. The culture of "we" and not "me" is the spirit of our prayers.

Zakat is another form of cooperation in the Quran.  An order that is repeated in the Quran 32 times. Cooperation with the mosques by helping them to serve the faith and the community was the conclusion of Imam Elahi's message.

The mission of the mosque is to rid Islamophobia and ignorance. It is to save the youth from the danger of drugs, alcohol, and adultery and to teach the new generation lessons of dignity, determination, compassion, commitment, generosity, justice, love, logic, prayer, patience, responsibility, righteousness, sincerity and wisdom. 

Mosques won't be successful without the cooperation of the community both by participation and financial contribution.

For the sake of time, Imam Elahi dedicated only 5 minutes towards calling on behalf of IHW for some urgent needs related to the projects and programs of House of Wisdom. The first contributor was Ayatollah Sheik Abdul-Latif Berry who pledged $5,000 in the name of religious marjaeyya (Jurisprudence authority). By the end of 5 minutes the Fundraising goal was met and more than 400 guests enjoyed a delicious dinner in a loving faith and family atmosphere.

During the dinner Congressman John Conyers and other nominees in the coming election addressed the community with their post-election outlook and plans. An award of Islamic Art was presented to Sara Wutwut and her family for their sincere service to the IHW. Following the dinner, members of the IHW have begun planning summer activities and programs that correlate with the Islamic calendar which will lead us into the Ramadan Nightly Services.