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8/25/11: Ramadan Interfaith Iftar

Ramadan Interfaith Iftar

Islamic House of Wisdom

Dearborn Heights, August 20, 2011 -- Islamic House of Wisdom held a Unity and Interfaith iftar Saturday, August 20, that attracted more than 300 people and highlighted the spirit of cooperation between the different faiths in the community.

The iftar included local imams, pastors and leaders of religious organizations, U.S. and State House representatives, Lebanese Consular General Houssam Diab, judges, representatives from civic and nonprofit organizations, community leaders, youth groups and a host of local elected officials and distinguished guests.

Islamic House of Wisdom has been a leader in interfaith dialogue and in bringing representatives of various faiths to celebrate the commonality of religions. It also sponsors different youth programs, focusing on tolerance, peace and unity.

The event began with a brief notes from Dr. Tallal Turfe, who emphasized the importance for Muslims to come together with their interfaith neighbors. 

"It is important and part of our Islamic belief that we be connected to the various religions that comprise the interfaith community," Dr. Turfe said. "As we gather for this Ramadan Interfaith Iftar Dinner, we are celebrating the commonality of God and what God means in all of our lives."

Father Jeffery Day of the Archdiocese of Detroit congratulated the Muslim community on the holy month of Ramadan and reiterated the importance of dialogue between Christians and Muslims. He also thanked Islamic House of Wisdom for taking the initiative to facilitate this dialogue. "It's a blessing," he said.

The spiritual leader of Islamic House of Wisdom Imam Muhammed Ali Elahi thanked participants for attending the dinner  and reflected on the benefits of Ramadan and the powerful messages it brings to the community. 

"Fasting is admired in all Abrahamic religions," Imam Elahi said. "Fasting is spiritual exercise and to enhance discipline and determination over dangerous human desires and temptation."

Ramadan brings humility, purity, sincerity and dignity to human hearts, and it is a time to repair relations with society, Iman Elahi said. 

"You shall never attain righteousness unless you give from what you love. Whatsoever you give, God is fully aware of it." (Quran 3:92) 

He urged participants to unite against extremism in all faiths because hatred directed toward certain members of the community hurts the entire community. "Ramadan is a good time to reflect on that and help us fight Islamophobia because it is evil," he said.

He also discussed the various exciting projects at the Islamic House of Wisdom.

  • A recent renovation of the main hall to make it more spacious and inviting with colors, new carpet, and refurbished benches.
  • The completion of a new maghsel to hep shroud the dead and prepare bodies according to Muslim rules and specification.
  • The purchase a 7000-square foot school on the premises and is looking for someone to open a school there.
  • The calligraphy project that is currently underway, aiming at beautifying Islamic House of Wisdom with Islamic Art.
  • The various educational projects, conferences and seminars to serve the community.

For more information, call Islamic House of Wisdom at 313.359.1221.