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3/15/13: Muslim Girl Scouts Interfaith Event at Islamic House of Wisdom

 Last Friday, March 15th-
Muslim Girl Scouts Interfaith Event at Islamic House of Wisdom

Last Friday was a day of faith, sincerity, service and love at the Islamic House of Wisdom.

In a powerful performance, the Muslim Girl Scouts of Michigan presented to participants of the occasion the ritual procedures of hajj through prayers, reenactment and nasheed songs. 

Sayyed Najah Al-Huseini spoke about the philosophy of hajj, from unity to purification of the soul.

Imam Elahi welcomed the guests and spoke about the future role and responsibility of the Girl Scouts. He stated, "Wisdom is God's greatest gift to humanity, sent to us directly through the light of reason and indirectly through revelation was sent to Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad". 

Imam noted that the flower of Girl Scouts of America was product of a woman of wisdom. Beginning 101 years ago, a lady named Juliette Low invited 18 girls in the city of Savannah to teach them powerful principles of wisdom, courage, commitment, character, confidence, compassion, justice and love! Today, there are more than 3 million girls in this organization.

Continuing, Imam said that Girl Scouts is about love through action. It's about service and sacrifice for the sake of others. A perfect model of Girl scouts in Islam would be Zainab (as). She served the cause of freedom, justice and truth with maximum devotion, determination and discipline.

To understand and appreciate the position of girls in Islam, look at the Quran and the life of Prophet Mohammad and his family (pbuh). More than 1400 years ago in the time when people were ignorantly upset upon news of a baby girl, the Quran mentioned girls before mentioning boys!

He grants females to whom He wills, and grants males to whom He wills. 42:49

More than 1000 years ago Imam Sadiq (as) said: The girls are blessings, the boys are gifts, blessing brings more reward but gift brings more responsibility. 

حسنات والبنون نعمة فانما يثاب علي الحسنات ويسال عن النعمة البنات

Imam Elahi wished the Girl Scouts a joyful journey in life, a journey beautified with two words: love and action.

At the end, he thanked Hajja Amal Mazeh and other Muslim and non-Muslim leaders of the girls organization.