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04/21/13: Health Event a Success!

April 21st- Health Event a Success!
Last Sunday, A special Health Seminar & Screening took place at the Islamic House of Wisdom.

  Under the organization of Hajji Dr. Vicki Ashker,  in cooperation with Oakwood Hospital, participants of Sunday's Service had an opportunity to learn about stroke prevention in addition to having their concerns and questions answered by various participating health professionals.

The presentation highlighted: Stroke- Risks, signs and symptoms. In addition methods of immediate action and rehabilitation care were noted.

Following the presentation, several medical staff of Oakwood hospital were on the scene to do free screenings for diabetes, blood sugar and high blood pressure.
Participants appreciated the information and outreach.

 If you would like to become involved in future Health Events and planning, please reply to this message for more information!

Special Thanks to Hajji Dr. Vicki Ashker for the initiative of planning and implementing two of our most recent healthy living seminars and screenings.