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05/03/13: Birth of Sayeda Fatima (as) Honored at the IHW!

Last Friday, May 3, 2013-
Birth of Sayeda Fatima (as) Honored at the IHW!
In a special program for women and young ladies honoring the life of Fatima Al-Zahra (as), the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), more than 500 participants enjoyed an evening of sisterhood, education, entertainment and dinner together.
The evening began with Quran read by sister Mariam Al-Musawi followed with a poem from the heart of sister Teeba Sadoun.
Hajja Dr. Vicki Ashker, Vice Chair of  IHW spoke about the importance in involvement of Muslim women through leadership, decision making and active participation in the centers and community.
In light of the theme of leading women, Hajji Raeda Makki was invited to the stage to receive a gift of recognition for her exemplary role within the family and community. Through the encouragement and dedication of Hajji Raeda and her husband, Hajj Hamza, their children have become role models for the youth through their active participation and recitation in many of our weekly services and local events.
Guest speaker of the program, Hajji Laura Beydoun, empowered all in attendance with inspiring and heartfelt lessons of Sayeda Fatima (as) in addition to practical methods of application in the daily lives of all women.
Concluding the program, a popular local singer and musician delivered a delightful appetizer of nasheed.

In the main hall throughout the dinner, there was a bazaar of Islamic items and gifts and more than 30 items raffled off to participants.
Sister Zainab Hussein, MC of the evening service and dinner concluded the evening with brief words on the importance of engagement of women in the political arena from voting to becoming a leading figure in office.

 Special thanks: to all participants, staff, volunteers and generous business and individual sponsors!

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