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12/1/17: Michigan Imams Council elected a New Co-Chair

Michigan Imams Council Elected a New Co-Chair


IHW new hall of Imam Hussein (as) held its first official meeting this morning, hosting the Michigan Imams Council!

The meeting was chaired by its two Co-chairs- Imam Mustafa Al-Turk and Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi.

During the assembly, imam Mustafa Al-Turk asked for a year of leave for personal reasons and the council unanimously voted imam Mohammed Al-Masmary as the Council new Co-Chair!

Imam Elahi thanked imam Mustafa for his years of hard work and dedication!
Imam Elahi also honored the Council's achievements in serving the Muslim community and bringing more educations for the families and youth and standing against Islamophobia, he also expressed his personal opinion expecting the Council to be more out speaking not only on the issues related to the Muslim community in America but also the Umma issues in general. The Imam mentioned the war crimes in Yemen and the pain of hunger, poverty and cholera under the Saudi's daily bombardments and aggression!

A number of Imams emphasized on the locality of the Council mission and recommended to focus on the plights of Muslim community in America and to avoid bringing the Middle East problems to the Council discussions.
The imams meeting followed up with lunch and noon prayer attended by both Shia and Sunni imams!

Next month the Council will review its mission statement and will strategize its priorities!
At the end, imam Elahi presented imam Mustafa an Islamic gift on behalf of Islamic House of Wisdom and the Imams Council!
We welcome your comments, expectations and suggestions for the imams Council!