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4/26/18: The Community Dinner of Islamic House of Wisdom a Tremendous Success!

The Community Dinner at Islamic House of Wisdom a Tremendous Success!


April 21, 2018: Islamic House of Wisdom celebrated its Semi-Annual Fundraising dinner successfully drawing more than 450 public and elected officials, candidates, clergies, business and civic leaders, supporters and community members.

Former Attorney General Professor Barbara McQuade Admired the Efforts of IHW in Fighting Fear and Ignorance, the Main Causes of Islamophobia!

Publisher of the Arab American News Osama Siblani introduced Professor McQuade, drawing on her role for seven years as the as the U.S attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan. He drew up on all of the changes McQuade instituted to serve all

communities fairly and justly, including hiring Arab Americans at the U.S. Attorney's office.

Emcee Khalil Hachem introduced Dr. Fawaz, who has elevated Arab American leadership to a higher l

evel of achievement, courage and excellence. Dr. Fawaz is a successful businessman locally, nationally and internationally, and he devotes his time, talent and energy to serving the community. 

The dignitary guests included the Dearborn Heights Mayor Dan Paletko, Westland Mayor William Wild and Garden City Mayor Randy Walker. The participation of clergy and board members of Islamic Institute of Knowledge, Islamic Center of America, Al-Zahra Center, Islamic Institute of America, the Sadr Foundation, the Message of Hope, Imam Sadeq Center, the Mainstay Foundation demonstrated the good spirit of unity and cooperation in our community. 

The attendance of Dr. Talal Turfe, Mr. Ali Jawad, Hajj Abed Hamoud, Dr. Ali Ajami, Hajja Nawal Hemadeh, Ostad Osama Siblini, Dr. Hasan Hakim, Hajj Musa Qadouh, Dr. Hasan Amirikia, Hajj Hussein Elhaf, Sayed Hamid Al-Sadr, Hajj Ali Saad and hundreds of other community members and leaders made this dinner very diverse and dynamic. 

The presence of Rev. Edward Rowe, Bishop Roy Ferguson, Rev. David Kasbow, Dr. Faith and Dr. Ron Strickland, Professor Bill and many other interfaith partners made this dinner extremely beautiful.

The dinner and celebration mastered by Sayed Khalil Hashem and Mahdi Elahi. It included recitation of the Quran by Younes Makki, singing Imam Hussein song by Sheikh Yusuf Yasin, words of IHW chairperson Dr. Sara, words of a founding member Dr. Mohammad Ajjour.

Imam Elahi was the last speaker who thanked all organizations and community members and leaders and mentioned the services of IHW to the faith and the community.

Imam Elahi called IHW a voice of reason, respect and responsibility and emphasized that IHW would participate in any effort that strengthens the community, the country and humanity. He mentioned 14 values that are accentual elements of building a great society: faith, family, education, unity, security, diversity, moral values, responsibility, prayer and standing for peace, justice and freedom.

Imam Elahi also spoke about the birthday of Imam Hussein and his universal contributions to humanity.
Imam Elahi asked the community to support the services of IHW with money, time and ideas. The Imam called the monthly membership as the best way to support the projects and programs of Islamic House of Wisdom.

The celebration ended with a delicious dinner catered by Dearborn Fresh.