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6/14/18; Another Inspiring Iftar Dinner at IHW

Another Inspiring Iftar Dinner at IHW

Agreements and Disagreements with the Democratic Candidate for the MI Governor!

It started with our guest speaker br. Jalal Moghnia and followed with recitation of the Holy Quran, group prayer, dinner and dialogue.

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed the democratic candidate for Michigan governor also joined the iftar. We welcomed Dr. El-Sayed and appreciated many commonalities we share with him when it comes to Michigan challenges, opportunities, needs and struggles. We are in total agreement with El-Sayed in issues such as Islampphobia, racism, immigration, poverty, warmongering etc. Yet I told the candidate that our community have serious disagreements to few of his statements and polices. 

El-Sayed expressed his understanding over the Muslim community’s real concerns and showed willingness and interest to have a town hall meeting to address those concerns. 

Regardless of disagreements, the fact that a Muslim, Arab American young doctor has taken this challenge and works tirelessly to win, is a journey of engagement and participation in the political life of our nation! This should be motivating our young generation to consider the political participation with the intention of serving the society and making a better future, with justice, freedom and respect for human rights and responsibilities , as a moral obligation.

We may agree, disagree or agree to disagree, yet it takes so much courage, commitment and leadership to take this challenge.