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7/6/18: 4th of July Dinner by Abdul's Campaign!

4th of July Dinner by Abdul's Campaign!

Standing for justice, human dignity and civil rights for all!

Abdul El-Sayed for Governor campaign had rented the reception hall of House of a wisdom for a quake night of 4th of July dinner outreach this afternoon.

As an American citizen not as my organizational affiliation I attended the dinner and very much impressed with Abdul’s address to some key community’s activists!

He spoke confidently, as he did just recently with CNN, NPR and some other national media!

He spoke about justice, education, fighting poverty and standing together for civil rights of all Americans regardless of their faith, party, race or culture!

Abdul El-Sayed knowledge, experience and passion seem so promising for our State of Michigan!

House of Wisdom reception hall is available for any other candidate who may like to rent and use the facility, as we are in our road to August important election.

Please remember " Your Votes Matter the Most!