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Dearborn Journaslist Legacy Was Celebrated at Islamic House of Wisdom

Dearborn Journalist Legacy Was Celebrated at Islamic House of Wisdom


In a turning point memorial service for DEARBORN late journalist, the editor of Al-Sabeel magazine marhoom Mohammad Jaber, a big number of community religious, cultural, political and legal leaders gathered at IHW to express condolences to the Jaber family, sharing their memories of Mohammad’s life!

The passionate and inspiring speaker of the memorial services included Judge Sam Salame, Osama Siblini, Adnan Beydoun, Kamil Bazzi, Zouheir Alawieh and Sara Jaber.

At the end Imam Elahi addressed the audience and prayed for deceased’s soul and spoke about the power of journalism in enlightenment of societies and making a difference in the social and political environments.

Imam mentioned that the media is mightier than military's since it’s dealing with the people’s souls not just the soldiers. This is why the corporations do their best to control the corresponding networks to mislead the people for the sake of their greedy purposes!

While the media machine usually operates as a business, exchanging its independence and freedom with money and politics, there are so many courageous, dignified and heroic journalists who travel to the most turbulent and tragic parts of the world, risk their lives and sacrifice all they have to speak for the victims of injustice and to share the truth with those who live in the darkness of ignorance and propaganda!

Imam referred to some famous writers including Oliver Stone and his most honest three minutes speech during an Award ceremony of “the Writers Guild of America” in 2017.

Honoring personality and professional journalism and service of late Mohammad Jaber, the imam asked the community to show support for their servants before they mourn their departure!

Now that sadly Al-Sabeel magazine is gone, let’s appreciate another great weekly paper still serving significantly, it’s called “Arab American News” under the leadership of Ostad Osama Siblini!

Imam Elahi added that despite of looking at national publications such as NYT and Washington Post almost every day, yet every Friday morning while getting ready for Friday prayer he looks at AAN and would find so many interesting local and international articles and very beneficial subjects.

Imam said it’s true that sometime AAN publishes controversial issues which might be part of media nature or human imperfections but looking at the amount of hard work and dedication behind this great service, we should honor Mr. Osama Siblani and his staff for advocating a good direction for our community and country!