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Visitation, Dinner and conversation Today at IHW

Visitation, Dinner and Conversation Today at IHW


Sayyeda Robab, the president of Alsadr Foundation accompanied with the organization delegation including sayyed Hameed Alsadr, Sayyed Najad and Sayeda Lina Charafoddin, Hajja Faten Saleh, hajj Ali Ramadan, hajj Mohammad Shebbani and br Rashid Masri visited IHW

The visiting delegation were welcomed by imam Elahi, hajj Talal Turfe, Dr Hassan Amerikia and some IHW members.

Imam Elahi admired the leadership of Sayeda Robab and the services of her foundation as the continuity of legacy of Imam Musa Alsadr’s mission, vision and amazing outreach and call for unity!

Hajj Talal Turfe welcomed the sayyeda and spoke about the exceptional and unique role of IHW, specially in the areas interfaith, engagement and fighting ignorance and Islamophobia!

Imam Elahi thanked Dr Talal for his encouraging words and his role as one the greatest intellectual community leaders and authors of so many enlightening books!

Hajja UmRamzi, the head of IHW women committee also made a statement welcoming Sayyeda Robab and honoring the services of Alsadr foundation!

The meeting ended with a spacial New Spring and Nowruz dinner in an atmosphere of faith, fellowship and promise to work together for serving and supporting the most suffering segments of the society, the orphans!

Not only the orphans who lost their physical parents but also the spiritual orphans who may lost their path and directions of their life journey.