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Festival of Faith, Family and Friends at Islamic House of Wisdom!

Festival of Faith, Family and Friends at Islamic House of Wisdom!

After one month of focusing on faith, recitation, reflection and participation in God’s reception the faithful gathered at IHW to end Ramadan’s rituals with spacial Eld prayers!

Imam Elahi lead the prayers and addressed the audience with the Eid

sermons examining the mission of Ramadan and what we must take from it.

The Imam called Ramadan a revolution in our souls and asked the faithful to implement the Ramadan’s message of mercy, forgiveness, love and solidarity with the suffering!

Reviewing the burning and tragic state of the umma especially in Palestine, Syria, Sudan, Sana’a, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Burma, Bahrain, and other suffering areas, imam called for more social and political outreach, courage and speaking truth with other fellow Americans standing against war, violence, corruption, lies, hypocrisy and selfishness!

Imam spoke about winning the hearts and minds of our neighbors through mercy and compassion and avoiding any practice that may hurt our neighborly relationship! Let’s fight the cancer of Islamophobia by the weapon of wisdom and values!

Referring to the President’s state visit to Britain and expensive ceremonies at the Buckingham palace, the president should had discussed some of those humanitarian tragedies, condemning MBS for 4 years of genocide in Yemen, the criminal army generals in Sudan for massacring pro-democracy forces, and Netanyahu for targeting the Palestinians in the Aqsa mosque, instead he attacked his host Sadeq Khan the Muslim mayor of London! That is rude!

The Saudis can't continue their isis style barbarian behaviors without Trump help! Sending more weapons for the murderers of Khashoggi and innocent Yemenis is extremely disgusting!

Imam Elahi spoke about dangerous moral tsunami threatening the young generation asked the family to manage the kids time during the Summer and bring them to Friday prayers and classes provided by IHW!

Let’s work together to raise a successful generation distinguished with faith, education, hard work and honesty!