In Memory of....

Goodbye to Community Journalist Mohammad Jaber at IHW!

Goodbye to Community Journalist Mohammad Jaber at IHW!

A man known for his friendship, love, passion, smiles and sincere media services to our community started his eternal journey after years of health struggles and sufferings!

Community members and leaders came to express their condolences and sympathy to Jaber family!

Imam Elahi spoke about journalist Mohammad dedication and friendly character and asked the youth in community to consider journalism as a serious field of study and proficiency to bring truth and awareness to the world!

Referring to a prophetic tradition on the importance of education through writing, imam said a true journalism is a big jihad in transformation of minds and hearts!

The visionary journalists live a struggling life, facing threat and intimidation by the forces of greed, corruption and crime!

Imam Elahi mentioned Jamal Khashoggi who lost his life for revealing the corruption of Saudi kingdom!

Another example journalism struggling was what happened to Marziya Hashemi. We hope she would be free soon.

Imam also admired a journalist of NYT Michelle Alexander for her recent article under “ Time to break silence in Palestine”