10/27/13: Al-Ghadir Celebration in the Grand Mosque of Baitul-Ilm

Al-Ghadir Celebration in the Grand Mosque of Baitul-Ilm  

Last Sunday, October 27- Following the invitation of Molana Sheikh Mokhtar Faezi, the founding imamof Streamwood, IL (Chicago)'s Grand Mosque, imam Elahi addressed a great gathering of Ahlul-Bayt lovers who gathered in the reception hall of the mosque.

Imam Elahi reflected on the Quran and the traditions of the prophet Mohammad (pbuh) as the main documents of authenticity of the Ghadir event.  

Imam Elahi used numerous quotations from both Shia and Sunni sources to prove that Ghadir was about the importance of leadership of a man whose knowledge, purity, courage, hard work, wisdom, and jihad for justice and freedom, made him a great role model after the holy prophet of Islam.

Imam Elahi congratulated Imam Faezi the leader of the mosque, his assistant SayyedSuleiman, the board members and community members of the area for their great success in completion of the Baitul-Ilm grand mosque.

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