12/10/13: Honoring the Memory of Nelson Mandela and local peace activists at Islamic House of Wisdom

Honoring the Memory of Nelson Mandela and local peace activists at Islamic House of Wisdom

December 10, 2013- Last Tuesday, As the world leaders gathered in Johannesburg to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela and his heroic leadership against injustice and apartheid, members of the Dearborn Area Interfaith Network met at the Islamic House of Wisdom for their monthly meeting. In addition to honoring the late Mandela, two local peace activists who recently passed away were remembered:  Rev. Felix A Lorenz  and Jack Samen.  

Rev. David Kasbow opened the meeting with prayer.

Imam Elahi welcomed the mosque and church leaders while highlighting Rev. Felix and Jack Samen as ambassadors of peace and justice. Imam admiredFelix and Jack who passed away in the same week asMandela's departure, noting their passion for peace, outreach and unity. Imam welcomed the presence of Jack's family in the meeting.

  In the gathering, Dr. Tallal Turfe spoke about the "Morality in America" and presented a copy of his recent book, "Children of Abraham" to the religious leaders.  

Click here to read the text of Dr. Tallal's speech! 

 Rev. Fran Hayes, of Littlefield Presbyterian Church opened the floor to discuss the details of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's Anniversary to be held in her church on January 19th at 3pm.

The mosque and church leaders shared their words and passion for such an important community celebration.

Imam Elahi closed the meeting with prayer for unity, building bridges of understanding, community awareness and working together for education, peace and justice.

Islamic House of Wisdom urges the interfaith community to help and participate in the upcoming MLK Anniversary! To stay updated on events related to the Dearborn Area Faith Network, Click HERE