08/27/11: Paletko hosts fourth annual iftar in Dearborn Heights

Paletko hosts fourth annual iftar in Dearborn Heights 

By Nick Meyer

Saturday, 08.27.2011, 10:11am

DEARBORN HEIGHTS – Mayor Daniel Paletko held his fourth annual community iftar dinner on Wednesday, August 24, bringing a diverse group of city officials, businesspeople, and religious leaders together at Al Shallal Restaurant in the city to break their fast for Ramadan. 

Guests pray and give thanks before the iftar dinner is served.  PHOTOS: Nick Meyer/TAAN

"From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a successful spiritual journey during Ramadan," Paletko said, addressing the crowd of about 100 people. 

"There are so many people here tonight and that's what makes our city so great." 

Imam Mohamed Ali Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom in the city also spoke as has become a tradition at the dinner. 

"I want to thank the honorable Mayor Paletko for his kind invitation, it has become a tradition for us all to get together as a family and celebrate our unity as diversity," he said. 

"Ramadan is a month of reflection, faith, and responsibility as we work together for peace and prosperity," he said, "and as we stand against racism, terrorism, poverty and violence (wherever it may be)."

Elahi mentioned a message from the Vatican to Muslims in a Ramadan greeting saying that increased spirituality makes communities more responsible. Fr. John Cramer of Our Savior Polish National Church also attended and spoke as a gesture of interfaith unity. 

"I ask you to pray for us as we live in trying times, through the power of fasting and good works, that we may live together as God's people," he said.