08/27/13: Congressman Gary C. Peters met with some Muslim and Arab leaders and organization representatives

Congressman Gary C. Peters met with some Muslim and Arab leaders and organization representatives- Tuesday, August 27th-

Congressman  Peters will run in the next election in hope of taking over Senator Carl Levin's seat in  the US Senate! Sen. Levin will not seek reelection in 2014.

During the afternoon meeting, Congressman Peters noted appreciation to the  diversity of the population in Michigan as a source Michigan's strength. He engaged the leaders in an open conversation about the domestic and  international issues.

Following the Congressman's statement, Imam Elahi expressed his  concern about the situation in the Middle East and in particular,  Syria.

Mentioning the comments of Colin Powell in CBS's last  Sunday talk show urging the Obama administration to stay away from military  action in Syria, imam considered himself part of more than 60 percent of  Americans who oppose war in Syria.

Imam warned that the most effective anti government in Syria is  Al-Qaida and asked the Congressman if this Al-Qaida is different from the  ones in 9-11 and if there are good and bad terrorists!

Imam Elahi questioned any rationality for the Syrian government to  use chemical weapon against its own capital and while condemned the  chemical crime, raised the possibility of the chemical scenario as a set   up to destroy not only Syria but also the image and interests of  America.

Imam asked the congressman to do all he can to prevent the  insanity of war and use dialogue and diplomacy for a democratic  transition in Syria!

Other community leaders supported imam Elahi's remarks and shared their own opinions about Michigan and Middle East issues.

Congressman Peters thanked the leaders and representatives for  their input, addressing some of Imam Elahi and other participants  questions and comments. He promised to do all he can to reduce the  suffering of Syrian civilians through humanitarian help.

The Congressman spoke about the complicated nature of conflict in  Syria and recognized the difficulty of dealing with it. He said we  should wait for the report of UN team in Damascus and to be very careful  about any possible military intervention.