08/28/13: Shia-Sunni Council of Imams Meeting

Shia-Sunni Council of Imams Meeting- Wednesday, August 28th

The  head of Dearborn Police Department Ronald Haddad met with two co-chair of the Shia-Sunni Council of  Imams of MMCC, Imam Mustafa Elturk and Imam  Mohammad Ali Elahi and some members of the Council.

The meeting was held at the Islamic Organization of North America, IONA in the city of Warren.

Chief Haddad invited the imams to an important national gathering that will be  held in Dearborn next month to discuss all concerns related to the  security of places of worship.

Dearborn is chosen as a national faith base model of diversity and understanding. This exercise will be applied in New Jersey, Utah and Texas after Michigan!