02/08/14: Reflecting on the Anniversary of Victory of Islamic Revolution at Islamic House of Wisdom

Feb. 8, 2014

Reflecting on the Anniversary of Victory of Islamic Revolution at Islamic House of Wisdom

Islamic House of Wisdom hosted a discussion on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran last Saturday.

A known public speaker, Imam Mohammad Asi from Washington DC and Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi the founding imam of IHW were the main speakers of Saturday night gathering. 

Imam Elahi went through some of his personal observations of February 11, 1979 (the day of victory) and called it a divine day.

Imam Elahi reflected on three elements of victory of the Islamic Revolution to include: Islamic spiritual identity, dynamic leadership and overwhelming engagement and unity of the people.

Focusing on the life, leadership and legacy of Imam Khomeini, he emphasized on faith, fearlessness, devotion and determination of Imam Khomeini who was ready to pay any price to do his duty.

Imam Elahi stated that the power of Imam Khomeini was not just for his political vision and wisdom but his faith and moral might. Imam was an exceptional religious authority who combined  religion and reason, morality and modernization, purification and civilization.

The same leader who led the greatest revolution in the history of Islam is the same man who never missed his nightly Tahajjod, his Dua Kumayl, and his daily Quranic recitation. He is the man who wrote hundreds of books and articles on many aspects of life, jurisprudence, philosophy and society.

Imam Elahi concluded his presentation with a look at the achievements of the Islamic revolution! Ending 2500 years of monarchy, establishment of the first republic based on the free election of the people, the first Islamic Constitution, providing opportunity for education and progress and the fact that currently more than 4 million students study in the Iranian universities, majority whom are female.

Imam Elahi asked the Muslim community to help remove the present tensions between Iran and US and bring better relationships between these two great nations in order to pave the way for building bridges of understanding, peace and cooperation in the Middle East and the world.

Imam Mohammad Asi, the original imam of Islamic Center of Washington DC who has been leading a Friday prayer there for the last 35 years was the second speaker of the evening.

Imam Asi thanked Imam Elahi and the Islamic House of Wisdom for the opportunity to be with everyone and thanked those who answered the call for the unity of the Muslim community and attended the celebration.

Imam Mohammad al-'Asi made the following points regarding the 35th anniversary of the triumph of the Islamic Revolution and Leadership in Iran:

"1- Imam Khomeini (ra) was a genuine and "home-made" Islamic leader who came from the depth of Islamic history, struggle, and scholarship.

2- The Islamic Revolution's triumph was not cheap -- it cost hundreds of thousands of martyrs and hundreds of thousands of war-disabled. It came in a century when Islamic triumphs were non-existent.

3- In the past 35 years the Islamic executive in Iran extended overtures towards the West during the administrations of Presidents Rafsanjani and Khatami -- only to be rebuffed and called a member of the 'axis of evil'.

4- The Islamic Revolution and Republic maintained a consistent foreign policy with its Islamic objective: i.e, end of Israeli occupation in Palestine.

5- The Islamic Leadership with its devout constituencies built an industrial and military infrastructure in a way that is totally independent of foreign interference.

6- The Islamic Revolutionary impulse of the past 35 years managed to avoid the pitfall of sectarianism.

Imam Elahi thanked the IHW ladies and volunteers for making a large cake on the occasion of the February 11th anniversary of victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran.