08/12/14: Interfaith Dinner & Program at St. Mary's Antiochian Orthodox Church

Interfaith Dinner & Program at St. Mary's Antiochian Orthodox Church

 Tuesday, August 12, 2014- The Interfaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit under the leadership of President Dr. Robert Bruttell held an interfaith dinner and program located at St Mary's Antiochian Orthodox Church.

Imam Elahi participated in the dinner and appreciated the hard work of the organizers, in particular Dr Bruttell. The Imam addressed the panelists and the guests reflecting on some of the life struggles and challenges facing the communities of faith in other parts of the world. The panel responded with solutions such as prayer, creating public awareness, speaking up and putting pressure on the government for real action.
Following the interfaith dinner, Imam Elahi and imam Mustafa Elturk, the two co-chairs of the Imams Council in Michigan visited the Sanctuary of the Orthodox church and spoke with Rev. Shalhoub, the founding pastor of this magnificent church.

During this visitation imam Elahi conveyed sympathy of the Muslim community to Father Shalhoub for the criminal practices of so-called ISIS  against the Christian minorities both in Syria and Iraq. Fr. Shalhoub appreciated the visitation and stated that both Muslims and Christians are on the same boat on this human crises. He condemned the inhuman acts of the warmongers in the Muddle East and prayed for peace, justice and end of war and violence in the birthplaces of three Abrahamic traditions!