10/07/14: Forum on Faith and War: A Response to the Crisis of ISIS

Forum on Faith and War: A Response to the Crisis of ISIS 

Last Tuesday, October 7, 2014 the Forfa Auditorium at Henry Ford College in Dearborn witnessed a beautiful gathering of professors and students who listened to a panel discussion on local and global responses to ISIS crisis.

The panelists included: Professor Hashim AL-Tawil, who presented an overview of the background and current situation in Syria, Iraq with photos on brutalities of ISIS. Professor Ahmed Saleh spoke about ISIS and Islamophobia, Rev. Fran Hayes, the pastor Littlefield church spoke about extremism and injustice and possibility of peace in the Middle East.

Imam Elahi, the spiritual leader of IHW spoke about the Takfiri ideology, and methodology of ISIS and other terrorist organizations like Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Boko haram, Al-Nusra, in imposing their Jahiliyya mentality over other people through intimidation, harassment, beheading  and other methods of physical and psychological terrorism.

The imam mentioned that the first victims of ISIS are Islam and Muslims. They are the worst enemies of Islam, since they use religion to destroy religion. Imam Elahi admired the recent letter signed by 126 Sunni scholars against ISIS and called for cooperation among all the Muslims and even non-Muslim to stop the advancement of this dangerous cancer which is threatening the world peace and security. Imam Elahi thanked the college president and also Dr. William Secrest, Dr Ali Awadi and other organizers from HFC for such a timely arrangement!