11/18/14: Planning Meeting for Proposed Mosque in Plymouth

Nov. 18, 2014-  Hundreds of members of the Muslim and interfaith communities attended a planning meeting with the commission of Plymouth Township to discuss a proposed mosque to be built on 5 mile road. 

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The room was packed of many supporters in favor of building of the new mosque, including Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom who participated in solidarity.

Not everyone present in the meeting was pleased with the mosque proposal as heard by some of the opposing views of the meeting. Some opponents of the mosque construction raised concerns about the possibility of higher traffic.

Imam Elahi was one of the first on the side of support who approached the podium in favor of diversity in the area. Although he is from the Islamic House of Wisdom located in Dearborn Heights, he came to support the establishment of a mosque for the Muslim residents of Plymouth Township and neighboring cities.

"The mosque is about and for the community, it's about creating a peaceful and respectful community. To see the traffic of people going to a place of worship whether it's a mosque or a church makes me happy, not worried",  the imam said.

After listening to the opinions both for and against, finally the planning commission unanimously approved the construction of the new mosque.

Imam Elahi thanked Dennis Cebulski and all members of the planning commission for showing understanding and support towards the congregation interested in building the new place of worship. The Chairman, Cebulski also thanked imam Elahi for his interfaith efforts and Islamic House of Wisdom's position against ISIS and other terrorist organizations.