04/22/15: Interfaith Meeting at the IHW

 Interfaith Network Meeting at IHW- The representatives of the Dearborn area Interfaith Network met at Islamic House of Wisdom to discuss the service of the National Day of Prayer. The group decided to hold the service at Dearborn Administrative Center (Dearborn City Hall).Imam Elahi welcomed the guests and shared some words about the challenges of Muslim community in the face of Islamophobia. The imam said that the forces of war, violence and hatred don't represent Islam or any other religion. The essence of Islam and any other heavenly religion is peace, mercy and justice. Imam concluded that the terrorist wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Afghanistan are about human greed and politics and has nothing to do with the real message of faith.
Rev. Fran emphasized on more education and understanding and Rev. Colleen stated that those who jump to judge about other religions, better to learn about their own religions first.