07/22/16: IHW Ambassadors of Dialogue & Peace Visit Birmingham First United Methodist Church

IHW Ambassadors of Dialogue and Peace Were Welcomed at Birmingham First United Methodist Church!

It was the first step in a long journey of outreach, bridge building, participation and partnership! Bishop Laurie Haller, the church senior pastor, Faith Ministry chair, Mixie Hockman, Society Ministry Frank Driscoll and more than 100 members of the Methodist congregation welcomed Imam Elahi and a distinguished delegation of IHW, the Ambassadors of Dialogue and Peace! Following imam Elahi presentation on Islamic faith, challenges and opportunities, the groups directed discussion on certain topics started. At the end, the representatives of each group shared the summary of their conversations with the entire audience! Both Muslims and Christians were extremely happy of this heartfelt interaction and demonstrated enthusiasm to continue this journey and meet at Islamic House of Wisdom next time. At the end all attendees enjoyed the hosts refreshment and appreciated the book of “Children of Abraham” presented to them by its author Dr. Talal Turfe. Those interested to join the Ambassadors’ of Dialogue and Peace, please provide us with your basic information through Facebook, or IHW email info@islamichouseofwisdom.com Imam Elahi’s presentation covered so many areas of interest. From basic belief system, history, Oneness of God, the principle of prophethood and revelation, moral and spiritual obligations in Islam, the concept of resurrection and the fact The Quran honors Jesus and his mom Marry over 70 times! Here are just a few points from imam’s speech- Living in such a messy and chaotic world, we need so much prayer, patience, educational exchanges, interfaith engagement, leadership and collective worship and work to win our daily struggles against ignorance, hatred and injustice. The path to make America great is not the path of racism, marginalizing and threatening the minorities, violating their civil rights and insulting them in the media. The greatness comes through good leadership, unity and cooperation between the government and all communities! Muslim Americans are targeted by both extremism and Islomophoba. The forces of Islamophobia and extremism are supporting each other with their evil expressions and actions but innocent people at home and abroad are paying a painful price with their lives, properties, integrity and faith! Islam is a religion of reason, knowledge, peace, justice, diversity and pluralism. There is no room in Islam for radicalism, terrorism and violence. The first step to stop terrorism is to stop corrupt kingdom of Saudi Arabia from training, advocating, financing and supporting the takfiris terrorist cults through money and fitna making fatwas of the Saudi paid preachers. Another step is for our government to become part of the solution and stop training and funding and arming so called rebels in Syria. The criminals who beheaded a boy of 10 year old in Syria are not better than isis. Imam Elahi admired president Obama statement in his last week Eid al-Fitr celebration in the White House and prayed that those ideas and expression put in actions.