09/17/16: Jihad in America: Blood Donation to Save Lives


The Satanic forces in Syria and other parts of the Middle East continue their criminal GENOCIDE in the name of JIHAD against the oppressed people!
At the same time the Devilish Islamophobic forces and their friends keep training the terrorists and mobilizing them with money, military and media while attacking and blaming Islam and Muslims for the mess they created.
Last week, Imam Elahi stopped by in St. John's Episcopal Church in Plymouth, MI to participate in a blood donation to help the American hospitals. Last time we had it at Islamic House of Wisdom and we will do it again in Ashura season.
Imam's intention was to walk his talk! The true teachings of Islam tell us: Instead of taking the blood of the innocent, we should help hospitals and wherever is needed with our blood and any other means.
Another word give blood instead of taking it!!
The nurse told him that currently there was a big demand for blood in the hospitals; his reply was to take as much that he could offer. She ended up taking one more extra unit of my red blood cells.
Imam didn't think even for one moment that his blood may be given also to someone with Islamophobic mentality.
As we are approach Ashura, we remember that our Imam Hussein (as) sacrificed his blood to bring life to the dead body of humanity of his time and times to come!
Finally, the blessing blood of forces of love and humanity will win the sword of Takfirism, Terrorism, Ignorance and Injustice!
Yes this is our JIHAD in America! Connection, Contribution, and Building the Bridges of Comfort and Confidence!