2/28/17: Meeting with President Khatami

Meeting with President Khatami- One of the Most Joyful of Moments of my Recent Trip to Iran!

While in Iran to attend an International- Interfaith Conference, I was honored to be able to visit the former Iranian President, his excellency Sayyed Mohammad Khatami.

I arrived in his office Tuesday and saw him talking to a huge group of University students who like majority of Iranians love president Khatami's character, courtesy, compassion, leadership and commitment!

Soon we heard the Adan and made the noon prayer with the president.

Following the prayer, when i shook hands and hugged Sayyed Khatami I felt an explosion of energy, integrity, love and glory of hugging a son of our prophet (pbuh) who represents the moral model of his grandfather.

Then president Khatami took me to his office for an extremely friendly conversation.

We talked about so many subjects, from the time before the revolution and his observations and memories with Imam Khomainie in Paris to his polices during his 8 years of presidency to the controversial issues during 2010 presidential election in Iran!

We talked about some details related to the nuclear agreement between the Islamic Republic and other parties including the U.S.A and also dialogue among the civilizations initiated by president Khatami in 2001.

President Khatami mentioned that the Founding father of Islamic Revolution's desire was to establish a Republic based on democracy, rationality, justice, morality and spirituality!

I knew that I had promised to do my best to to be at the headquarter of Press TV for their 2:30 pm live show but the gravity of talking with President Khatami had occupied my heart so much that I couldn't leave on time for the TV talk and I missed it facing the heavy traffic on the north of Tehran!

Last time I had met with President Khatami was almost 12 years ago during his lecture at the UN General Assembly in NYC and then the ISNA conference in Chicago!

I wish the president time was flexible and my flight wasn't later that evening so we could have continued longer through many other points of interest in our almost 30 years of friendship and so many social and political developments in Iran and the world during the last three decades.

It really broke my heart to see this great man has gone through so many stages of pains, sufferings, intimidation, jealousy, injustice and ungratefulness.

While victim of so much unfairness, he never lost his patience, love, courtesy, dignity and devotion.

Former President Khatami's beautiful handwriting in the book he gave me as a gift.

I told Sayyed Khatami of his popularity in everyone's heart and I said that I think this verse in the Quran was about him and people like him!

"May God's peace and blessing be upon you for your dignified patience"

While leaving his office, the president gave me two volumes of a book called, "Tazkeratol Awliaa" from Attar Neyshaburi.

In his most beautiful hand writing he showed his generosity to me in an expression that I don't deserve, he wished me greater success in serving humanity with promoting beauty, grace and moral values!

I also wished him a long life with great health so he would continue his shining light in loving hearts all over the world. I invited the President to visit us in Michigan in the time he would have ability and flexibility to travel.