3/18/17: Legacy and Leadership of Imam Musa Sadr Honored at Islamic House of Wisdom

Legacy and Leadership of Imam Musa Sadr Honored at Islamic House of Wisdom.

Dr. Raed Charafeddine the First Vice-Governor of Lebanon’s central bank, a lifelong activist in the areas of social justice and interfaith dialogue who has delivered lectures at many universities including Harvard, Yale, Tufts and Irvine stopped by in Dearborn for Sadr Foundation fundraising at the Islamic Center and visited the Islamic House of Wisdom yesterday.
Dr. Raed was accompanied by Sayyed Hameed Sadr the imam’s son and his brother Sayyed Nijad Charafeddine and the managers of Sadr Foundation in the US
Dr. Sayyed Raed spent couple of hours at the Islamic House of Wisdom yesterday morning, giving a spectacular presentation on the meaning of leadership in general and the leadership of Imam Musa Sadr in particular. The entire orientation was inspiring and educational.
I was impressed with Sayyed Raed’s powerful presentation specially his quotations from Imam Musa Sadr such as:
Social justice is a pre-requisite to national unity.
Serving the creature of God is the best deed of devotion.
God created science and religion as twins when He created human beings.
Faith in man is the earthy dimension of the faith in God.
All religions have the same root and purpose.
Congratulations to Sadr Foundation for their successful dinner yesterday!