10/26/18: Some Words of Prayers, Presented to the Assembly of ACRL at Dearborn Art Center on Thursday October 11th!

Some Words of Prayers, Presented to the Assembly of ACRL at Dearborn Art Center on Thursday October 11th!

Imam Elahi was so impressed with the dynamic diversity of ACRL (Arab American Civil Rights League) assembly at Dearborn Art Center!

Thanking Chairman Nasser Beydoun and the entire ACRL leadership and volunteers for their honorable, inspiring, courageous outreach and advocacy!

These are some words of prayer by Imam Elahi -

In The Name of God, the Compassionate the Merciful

O Lord of Life, Light and Love!

Thank you for encouraging us to be here this evening to speak about the weak, the voiceless, the victims of racial or religious bigotry, hatred and marginalization!

Thank you for inspiring the leadership and members of ACRL to choose the path of protecting our community and our nation’s civil and Constitutional rights and responsibilities.

O God You mentioned in Your final Scripture, sent to Your last Abrahamic messenger Mohammad that Truth and Justice are the foundations of Your Heavenly expressions.

Your messenger also told us that any empire may survive with atheism but not injustice.

Strengthen us O Lord with courage, commitment and capability so we call, combat, serve and sacrifice for truth and justice.

Let the shining light of justice end the darkness of evil, ignorance, extremism, arrogance, stubbornness, greed and carelessness.

O Lord as our nation is getting sick of the poison of current political polarization, guide us all on the election day of November nine, through Your universal ways of wisdom, vision, mercy and grace, so we identify those public servants who may stand not only for our material interests but also the integrity, moral values and principles of our community and country. The Leaders willing to remove the walls of violence and disunity and build bridges of understanding and brotherhood.

As we honor that 16 year old Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi, we ask You Lord to help Israeli rulers to learn from the experience of last 70 years that occupation, oppression, injustice, torture, bloodshed may bring more pain but not more peace! Please help them understand that this is not about a problem between Islam and Judaism but justice and injustice. 

O Lord let the murderers of Jamal Khashoggi who have been beheading and bombing Your innocent people for so many years to learn that their money can’t buy them eternal time, certainly the cries of the oppressed and tears of their broken families will bring them soon to the courts of justice both in this world and hereafter.

Our final prayers for the victims of today’s tragic Hurricane in Florida, the most disastrous flood ever in that area. May God save their lives and empower them with the hope for returning home soon and start healing and reconstruction of their cities and towns. Ameen.