The speaker of Michigan House of Representatives, Tom Leonard Called Imam Elahi to the stage To open the House Session With Words of prayer. Imam Was hosted by Rep. Sylvia Santana of the District

The Speaker of Michigan House of Representatives, Tom Leonard Called Imam Elahi to the Stage To Open the House Session With Words of Prayer. Imam Was Hosted by Rep. Sylvia Santana of the 9th District


December 5, 2018: Text of Imam Elahi's Opening invocation!

"Before starting my humble invocation, I would like to thank Mr. Speaker, members of this great House and in particular my host Rep. Santana for giving me this opportunity to share few words of prayer, asking the Highest Power of this Universe for guidance and grace!

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, The Merciful...O Lord of Glory, Love, Wisdom and Integrity!

Bless each member of this body with courage, commitment and compassion, so they help the people of our State to enjoy security, services, civil rights and equal opportunities in education, family progress, job and prosperity. 

We ask you Lord to assist this assembly to be always a place of dialogue, dedication, hope and harmony. 

Please help our representatives to continue their fight against all forms of poverty, prejudice, racial and religious discriminations. Save them from any harm, confusion and contradiction.

Direct our representatives with Your Divine Light so they can easily identify the state’s priorities and principles over any personal or political interest or orientation. 

Please let the light of Your Divine Wisdom enlighten their debates and direct their decisions, and Let their resolutions represent Your Devine wisdom and Your desire for peace, truth and justice.

Let our Michigan inspiring diversity be an example of moral excellence for our nation and let our beautiful country be a shining example of defending democracy, human dignity, and standing against any forces of tyranny, terror, corruption and murdering of the innocents nationally or international.

O Lord bless us to stay One Nation, One country under One Great and Glorious God Amin!"