8/31/18: IHW Weekly Services For those Interested to Learn About the Islamic Faith

IHW Weekly Services For those Interested to Learn About the Islamic Faith!

While Islamophobia advances over the fear and ignorance of people about Islam, there are so many people in this country who follow the philosophy of the Founding Fathers such as Thomas Jefferson.

People who don’t consider corrupt, oppressive and messy monarchies such as Saudis and their ISIS school of thought as spokesmen of Islam and try to learn Islam from its real sources.

Instead of banning or burning the Quran, Jefferson ordered an English translation of the Quran to read and get a better understanding of the Islamic faith. Jefferson read the Quran almost a decade before writing the Declaration of Independence.

We at Islamic House of Wisdom spend so many hours of our weekly schedule to meet and converse with those who visit us tired of fake Islamophobia propaganda, searching for the truth. Our goal is not to convert people! Conversion is a matter of conscience and that is between a person and the Lord, our job is clarification. In my experiences of the last 27 years of face to face talking with people, I remember so many cases that people voluntarily pronounced the Shahada, which is to declare faith in One God and faith in His messengers including the Last one, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

Religious pluralism and protection of all faiths, not just tolerance, was the vision of Jefferson and his colleagues, a Constitutional legacy that makes America great!