Imam Elahi's Quranic Reflection on Justice on MLK Interfaith Observation At Islamic Center of America!

Imam Elahi's Quranic Reflection on Justice on MLK Interfaith Observation At Islamic Center of America!

Imam Elahi honored Dr Martin Luther King as the greatest human rights hero in American history and expressed his happiness that Islamic Center hosted the celebration!


Imam Elahi then talked about the importance of justice in Islamic theology and quoted George Jordak who called imam Ali the Voice of Human Justice!

He also quoted late Kofi Annan who considers imam Ali as the fairest Governor who appeared in human history!

That is why MLK is loved so much among the Muslim, he stood for human dignity and spoke for the voiceless and victims of injustice and oppression!

Imam Elahi then read and reflected on justice verses in the Quran!

The following words are simple translation of verses in the holy Quran!

God is just. God never wishes any injustice to anyone in the world. Oppression, corruption and crimes come from oppressive people not God!

Justice, generality and honoring the rights of the relatives are commandment from your Creator, they are orders not options!

We sent all the prophet with the weapon of wisdom to promote justice and equality among the people!

O community of faith, stand for justice all the times!

Be just in your talking

Be just in your writing

Be just in judging

Be just in peace negotiation between fighting forces

Be just even if justice hurts your friends and helps your enemies

The foundation of your Lord’s expression are summarized in two words, Truth and Justice!

Prophet Mohammad also spoke about justice when he said one hour of working on justice for humanity is more rewarding than 70 years of worshiping God.

He said an empire may survive with atheism but not with injustice!

Imam Elahi concluded that justice was not just main dream of MLK but the main dream of Moses, Jesus and Mohammad (pbut)

Since through justice a society can enjoy freedom, peace, prosperity, happiness, unity and establish the beloved community that Dr King was referring to!