Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi’s words of prayer addressing over 30,000 people at Cheongshim Peace World Center During the 2019 International Interfaith Summit in Seoul, South Korea!

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi’s words of prayer addressing over 30,000 people at Cheongshim Peace World Center During the 2019 International Interfaith Summit in Seoul, South Korea! Watch HERE!


World Interfaith Summit Highlights!

Imam Elahi arrived back from Seoul, the capital of South Korea-

It was an amazing opportunity to meet with hundreds of religious, political and national leaders from all over the world and explain the position of Islam on the world’s political and religious turmoil and tensions.

In addition to addressing one of the main sessions of the summit, Imam Elahi spoke also during the final celebration of peace and interfaith unity which was held at Cheongshim Peace Stadium filled with an international gathering of over 30,000 people, with an Islamic prayer. A brief summary of Imam Elahi's Prayer follows...

"O Lord of light, love, glory and grace!

Thank You for the work of Universal Peace Federation, it’s great founders and moral models, and their dedicated disciples who continue this loving legacy with courage, compassion and commitment!

Thank You Lord for this 2019 Seoul Summit of solidarity and support for all populations of this planet who may suffer from insecurity, poverty, war, terrorism, persecution and oppression

O God You are the central source of might, mercy, wisdom, holiness and hope,

Please bless this inspiring assembly and it’s ambassadors of peace to serve Your Divine desires and vision for the passengers of this planet!

Help us to replace the culture of division with reunification not only in Korean Peninsula but every society that may suffer from tension and segregation!

Help us to be also ambassadors of love, respect, responsibility, righteousness, humbleness, forgiveness, understanding, unity and brotherhood and save our human civilization from the evil of hatred, racism, arrogance, warmongering, brutality and bloodshed!

O Compassionate and Caring Creator, help us to be one faithful and fulfilling family under Your Devine direction and destination!


Imam Elahi Addressed the Universal Peace Summit in South Korea!

More about the World Summit-

Over 800 religious, civil rights, political, interfaith and community leaders from all over the world gathered at Lotte World Hotel in Seoul with the invitation and organization of UPF(Universal Peace Federation).

Imam Elahi as one of the interfaith leaders addressed the assembly and spoke about the concept of peace in Islam.

Imam stated that peace is a beautiful name of God, He is central source of peace and only through reflecting, remembering and replying to His call we can make peace with ourselves, our fellow humans and the nature!

Imam Elahi talked about some of the main obstacles of peace in the world such as disconnection with the Lord, and acts of injustice, arrogance, dishonesty and irresponsibility in dealing with people and the planet!

Imam Elahi criticized some of the conference guests including former Vice President Dick Cheney and former House speaker Newt Gingrich for the path they suggested for the world peace. They suggested that to make peace, you must be more powerful and have a mightier military, the imam said the true peace is not coming by power but the true power is coming through peace, to be powerful doesn’t make you peaceful but to be peaceful makes you true powerful!

Military might makes you powerful but not necessarily great!

Imam Elahi called justice and truth two fundamental words of God and real foundations of peace!

Imam concluded by saying that peace won’t be achieved through the philosophy of might is right and ends justify the means! He criticized the president State of Union address for being silent about the suffering in Gaza, the war crimes in Yemen, the violation of human rights in Saudi Arabia and said its time to break the world silence about all these manifestations of oppression, pain, poverty and corruption if we desire universal peace and prosperity for all!

Imam Elahi appreciated the warm welcoming he received during and after his lecture and thanked the UPF for the opportunity!

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While in Seoul and busy with an international interfaith summit, we attended the Friday prayer at the main mosque at the capital of South Korea!

The imam of the Mosque and the faithful had a friendly conversation with us after the prayer!

One thing that impressed me the most was the high number of Muslims attended the prayer in Seoul, though the mosque is big and it was full, hundreds of people joined the prayer and made lines outside the mosque in a cold weather of ten degrees!