Enlightening Dialogue at Sacred Heart Church in dearborn!

Enlightening Dialogue at Sacred Heart Church In Dearborn!


The identity of Mary and Jesus in Christianity and Islam!

Fr. Ken Chase, Dr. Robert Fastiggi and Imam Elahi attended the panel and Dr. Ed Demerly moderated the discussion!

There was a time for table discussions and raising questions to the panel!

In his presentation, imam Elahi thanked Dr. Mary Assel, Dr. Ed and other organizers of this inspiring and friendly dialogue and reflected in the importance of Muslims-Christians converse and connection while the world is facing the threat of extremism both in politics and religion!

Imam emphasized on the fact that out of all world’s religions, it’s only Islam that recognizes Christianity as an independent Heavenly and Divine religion and believes in the miraculous birth of Jesus from a version lady called Mary!

The fact that Mary is the only female whose name is mentioned in the Quran not once but 34 times as a heavenly lady of light, purity and mom of a messenger of God!

The fact that based on the Quran, Jesus spoke from the moment of his birth and protected the integrity of his mom and promoted prayer, charity and service!

Imam Elahi also reflected on the similar moral values and principles such love, humbleness, hospitality, forgiveness and compassion!

Imam Elahi then examined some theological differences between Islam and some branches of Christianity.

He said The Quran identifies Jesus as spirit of God, word of God, messenger and servant of God but not God! Jesus himself never said that he was God, the Bible doesn’t say it either.

Imam then pointed out to some other different approaches on issues like trinity, original sin and Crucification!

Imam concluded that regardless of few differences in some elements of our belief system, we need to work together against religious and political extremism of our time whose main targets are Islam and Christianity!

Our mosques and churches, Muslims and Christian cultures and civilizations are under attack in the Middle East! Isis and white supremacy are doing the same things, we have common enemy, that is the cancer of extremism. Religion is used for political purposes from the White House to Tel Aviv to Saudi Arabia!