Our Youth, Our Legacy, Our Hope and Our Success!

Our Youth, Our Legacy, Our Hope and Our Success!


Among the people that I met last Saturday at IHW, was an Ameli young man named Khodor Farhat!

This young energetic man is blind physically but full of light, vision, aspiration, dream and dedication in his heart and spirit!

He has met personally with president Clinton, Obama and Trump in the White House and other places and has risen to a beautiful voice for the disabled throughout USA.

In our meeting, I listened to Br. Khodor's life journey since he started his school in South Beirut and I promised him the full support of IHW in his outreach mission and any possible service to disabled men and women regardless of their race, religion or nationality!

IHW is a community service center devoted to faith, education, diversity, unity and advocacy for truth, peace and justice!