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01/06/09: Israel perpetrates slaughter in name of self-defense

Detroit News- Jan 6, 2009

Israel perpetrates slaughter in name of self-defense

Do the followers of Judiasm realize that the Jewish nation and Muslim countries need to live in peace and respect? Israel's military attacks in Gaza is perpetuated by a military industrial complex, not a religious state with morals and honor. Israel is slaughtering Palestinians -- supported by some Arab dictators and President George W. Bush's disgraceful diplomacy.

Israel is trying to break the back of any resistance and punish Palestinians in Gaza for electing representation by Hamas in a democratic way. And Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is trying to get more seats in the Israeli Knesset by bombing and burning Palestinian babies.

What Israel is doing is not self-defense but a crime against justice, international laws, the United Nations charter, the Geneva Conventions and human conscience.

The Old Testament said "An eye for an eye," not 500 eyes for one eye.
Apparently 41 years of occupying, killing and depriving a population of 1.5 million from food, water and medicine were not enough.

Where are religious leaders to promote peace and love among Abraham's children? Where is the pope and the rabbis? Silence may protect them from the Israeli lobby and media, but it won't save them from God's justice and the consequences of this barbaric blood bath.

Rabbi Yaacov Perrin said in February 1994: "One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail." Zionist Christian leaders, who fuel the fire with the Armageddon ideology and promote war, are partners in killing the poor and powerless. Using F-16s to bomb mosques, schools, ambulances and family homes is a definition of insanity.

The Bible and the Quran explain that the Earth will eventually be inherited by the righteous and honorable. But for now Olmert's financial corruption is forgotten, and the Israeli election campaign is accelerating.

The European Union's president said Israel can't justify its aggression with the excuse of rocket attacks from Gaza. The London Guardian columnist, Seumas Milne, argues, "Like any occupied people, the Palestinians have the right to resist. But there is no right of defense for an illegal occupation."

Gazan leaders agreed to continue the cease-fire if Israel ended the blockade and stopped killing Gazan citizens. Israel rejected both conditions.

The Palestinians deserve to live with freedom, justice, dignity and peace. Palestinians are human beings. They didn't occupy anyone's land. They suffered insults, humiliation and discrimination for 60 years. As American founder Patrick Henry said on March 23, 1775: "Give me liberty or give me death."

Choosing the Christmas season for this aggression, Israel disrespected the birthday of Jesus, who was born to bring peace, as well as end injustice and oppression. Jesus was Palestinian.

Billions of people are watching Gaza. The Israeli writer Uri Avnery writes that an entire generation of hate will result of this aggression: "That is a terrible price, which we will be compelled to pay long after the other results of the war have been forgotten in Israel."

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