Publications & Statements by Imam

12/02/12: Imam Elahi's Prayer for Peace & Justice

Last Sunday, December 2, 2012 

In the presence of 600 dignitaries including Congressman Jon Conyers, civil rights activists, judges, unions members, clergy and members of the Muslim, Christian and Jewish community,  Peace and Justice awards were presented and guest speakers including Jack Lessenberry, Rev. Angelo and Dr. Michelle Alexander the Author of , "The New Jim Crow"  addressed the diverse audience. Rev. Edwin Rowe, the leader of Central United Methodist Church invited Imam Elahi to deliver the closing benediction prayer. 

He thanked God for the beautiful banquet, that was blessed by having two great names of God: Peace and Justice.

He continued his prayer, "Please guide us to the path of peace and justice with your Divine light of wisdom and help us fulfill these heavenly commandments.

O Lord, make justice the motto of our intentions, expressions and actions.

Please help us apply the principles of justice within our homes, neighborhoods, communities and our world.   

O Lord, this is a country of immigrants, who escaped intolerance and discrimination, and came to America to enjoy justice and freedom.

Please enlighten the political leaders in the White House, the Congress, the United Nations and other political head quarters to practice what they preach and base their policies on justice and truth.

O Lord, please inspire us with this interfaith engagement and bless us with the sincerity of Abraham, the courage of Moses, the love of Jesus, and the wisdom of Mohammad, so we can continue the journey of justice as a purpose of our social life.

O Lord, you told us in the Quran that justice is the path of all your prophets.

Help us be just to everyone: our family and friends, our foes and enemies.   

Let the standards of justice balance our lives, so we will not fall a prey to extremism, ignorance, exaggeration generalization or presumption.

Make us instruments of serving your servants and protecting human lives, intellect and integrity, and stand against oppression, discrimination, dictatorship, racism and division.

Help us worship you and not our own ego, greed, self-interests and selfishness.

Help us make this earth a place where all people can enjoy opportunity, protection, prosperity, freedom and liberty.

O Lord: Forgive us for our shortcomings, do not punish us for our mistakes and make us more understanding and humble.

Finally imam Elahi honored Reverend Rowe, his wife, members of his congregation for their passion for peace and their commitment  and confidence in the journey of justice.