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10/23/13: Congratulations on Eid al-Ghadir

Congratulations on the Eid of Al-Qadir to all lovers of the prophet (pbuh) and his Ahlol-Bait (sa)
Al-Qadir is the day when the prophet (pbuh) declared the welaya of Imam Ali (sa)
The day of declaration of brotherhood and sisterhood among the members of faith community.
Volunteer fasting; extra prayer, reciting ziyara of Imam Ali, doing some more charity, showing more love and smile to one another are part of day of Al-Qadir recommendations!
We break our fast and honor this Eid this Thursday at Islamic House of Wisdom!
On this day we exchange this expression after saying salaam to one another!
الحمدالله الذی جعلنا من المتمسکین بولایه امیرالمومنین والایمه علیهم السلام.