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01/08/10: Local Muslims, Nigerian Americans gather to denounce terror attack

          January  8, 2010

Imam Elahi's remarks during Friday's press conference of Imams in Detroit, Michigan over the recent alleged terror attempt by a man from Nigeria who was accused of trying to detonate explosives aboard a flight destined from Amsterdam to Detroit.

To read the article in the Detroit News, Click Here! "Local Muslims, Nigerian Americans gather to denounce terror attack"

Some remarks by Imam Elahi include:

Terrorism is absolutely evil. It's a crime not only human life and property but a crime against human dignity, morality and conscience.
We condemn terrorism in all its individual, group or governmental forms. Everyone should know that in our Islamic faith and any other true faith, there is no space or justification for terrorism.
Condemning this recent incident of Omar Farouq's terror attempt, Imam Elahi asked the administration not to repeat the failed policies of the previous administration which bothered the innocents and ignored the guilty.

Quoting the President saying: " The buck stops with me" the imam said to connect the dots of intelligence, we need an answer for this question! While in the last decade millions of innocents including myself have gone through the second security screening in Amsterdam and other airports. Why didn't Omar Faruq go through the same procedures but apparently received special treatment and based on some reports got on board without even a passport?
To fix the intelligence failure we need to look for the real terrorists. Imam warned the administration not to be deceived by some governments like Saudi Arabia and Yemen who receive the US support in the name of fighting terrorists. In reality they get this support to keep suppressing their own people while directly and indirectly continue to support Al-Qaeda.