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09/19/09: Eid Message from Imam Elahi

      September 19, 2009    

My Beloved Faithful Community Members....

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Salaam Alaikum, 

Congratulations and Happy Eid!

Insha'allah you enjoyed the spirit of this holy month of Ramadan and the beauty of recitation, reflection, peace and piety!

We thank Allah for giving us the opportunity to serve our community during this month through inspiring guest speakers, a spiritual atmosphere, public Iftars, interfaith interactions, Question & Answer sessions, and many other services to bring connections between faith, families and the community and to improve the image of our beautiful Islamic faith and our loving Ahlol-bait (as) against years of Islamophobia and anti-Muslims negativity.

I was specifically grateful to Allah (swt) for having the opportunity to focus during the last 30 nights on the Will of Imam Ali (as) which
is letter number 31 in Nahjol-balagha and to share with you this loving and lasting legacy of the master of kingdom of expression and action.

We look forward to seeing you and your family members tomorrow, Sunday, September 20, 2009 at 9:30am to celebrate, pray and praise the beautiful names of Allah (swt) together.
Best Eid Wishes!

Your humble servant,

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi

Founding Imam of the Islamic House of Wisdom