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05/08/14: Imam Elahi's Statement on Innocent Muslim Girls Kidnapped in Nigeria!

The Islamic Ummah is under fire everywhere from every direction! Tragically and sad, Muslims are being attacked in many areas of the world by those who desire power, domination, money and by criminal extremists who unconditionally submitted to the Satan, but acting evil in the name of God!
The Khawarej or the forces of darkness represent the age of jaheliyya (time of ignorance and barbarism).
The Satanic group of Boko Haram is part of an advanced cancer in the body of the Muslim umma! They kidnapped more than 200 school girls from their own tribes and proudly plan to sell them!
Where is the government of Nigeria and how can these crimes easily happen?
Every Muslim and every human being must condemn kidnapping of those innocent girls.
Extremism, terrorism and injustice should have no place in 21st century!
— Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi