Publications & Statements by Imam

Ramadan Wishes from Imam Elahi

Thank you Allah for rewarding us with another Ramadan, an opportunity to celebrate the season of revelation, reflection and heavenly reception.
The journey of Ramadan starts with declaring sincere intentions to get as close to the Creator as possible. This can be achieved through reciting the holy Quran, performing extra prayers especially during the Nights of Power, practicing charity and kindness and sharing iftar with family, friends and strangers.  
Ramadan is about self-examination, determination and developing strong discipline over desires and temptations. The true fasting is about refraining from sinful expressions and actions, such as lying, backbiting, and humiliating others.
What makes every day and night of Ramadan really powerful is praying at the mosque because mosques welcome the entire family and offer education, public awareness and building community partnership based on the Quranic spirit and the true teachings of the prophet, his honorable family and righteous companions.
Islamic House of Wisdom welcomes everyone to its evening services every night at 7:30 pm. Program includes public or potluck iftar every night after the service. We are located at 22575 Ann Arbor Trail, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127.