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7/26/18: Pompeo Poor Presentation on Iran! Trump'sThreatening Tweets!

Pompeo Poor Presentation on Iran! Trump’s Threatening Tweets!

Defending the Dictators and Crying for Democracy?

The secretary of State lecture addressing Iranian opposition in Las Angles disappointed thousands of Iranian-American scholars, leaders and activists in the US. Though they themselves may criticize the Islamic Republic yet they saw Pompeo presentation based on propaganda and fake news circulated on the opposition social media, rather than a deep analysis of Iran’s political facts.

As the highest diplomat at the State Department, people expect Pompeo to be a voice of diplomacy and dialogue, not a voice of war mongering and regime change.

Pompeo’s address was titled Supporting Iranian Voices!

The question is which Iranians?? Are the Iranians just those opposition guys who attended his lecture in Reagan library in LA or those 85 million Iranians who live in Iran?

If Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani and even president Trump are honest about supporting Iranian voices then let them put an end to the Iranians travel ban, economic sanction, supporting Iranian terrorist groups, since those people are the real victims of these immoral policies and practices.

To say “the goal of the United States was to work with its partners and to bring their imports of Iranian oil to “zero” is not supporting Iranian voices. Targeting Iranian banking and energy sectors brings more pain to the people rather than the government!

I also criticized Iran’s policies during Ahmadinejad administration, but admired Rouhani-Zarif diplomacy in resuming dialogue with the US and the historic nuclear agreement. Very disgraceful to punish Iranian government and people for choosing the path of peace and staying committed to their international covenants.

For Trump to attack any US accomplishments, just because done by Obama- Kerry administration is absolutely selfish and unfair. Unfortunately, this is how this world deceives and blinds human beings and takes them to the sleep of negligence, carelessness and irresponsibility.

If Pompeo cares about democracy and human rights in Iran, why then he is absolutely silent about dictatorship and violation of human rights in Saudi Arabia? Why not a single word about over 3000 people who were killed or wounded in Gaza by Israel? Not only silence but even absolute support for Ben Salman and Netanyahu!! How can he fight hypocrisy in Iran with hypocrisy about Iran?

This is an obvious case of double standards to support the worse dictators in the Middle East and at the same time cry for democracy in Iran only!

BTW how Trump-Pompeo forgot about 9-11? Where the terrorists came from? Iran?

To call Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists and accusing Iran of supporting them, then falling in love with Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), which killed thousands of Iranians in years of terrorist attacks and even was on the State Department list of terrorist groups till 2012, and helped Saddam Hussein in his 8 years of war against Iran, don’t seem so diplomatic and dignified!

To bless Israel and Saudi to continue their war crimes and bombardments of Syria and Yemen and accusing someone else doesn’t make America great again!

What Pompeo calls it “Supporting Iranian Voices” is what Bolton calls it “regime change in Iran” that means another Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen! Is this really what the Iranians want?

Replacing solidarity, sovereignty, security and services with pain, poverty, chaos and catastrophe?

Mike Pompeo is the former CIA director; he has no excuse not to know the truth about Iran!

My humble suggestion is that instead of going to LA and talking with a group of opposition in exile totally disconnected from Iran’s facts and realities, arrange a meeting with thousands of educated Iranians, university professors and sincere political activists and discuss the ways in which the US can win the Iranians hearts and minds through good gestures, offering services and promoting dialogue and diplomacy rather than propaganda war, promoting more pain and pressure on the Iranian people and creating more anti Americanism in the world. 

Tromp entered the Oval Office to put America First, not Ben-Salman and Netanyahu First!