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Brother ID#: 321

ID#: 321


Year of Birth: 1985

Height: 5'10"

City of Residence: Ann Arbor  State: Mi

Country of Citizenship: Iran

Marital /status:Never married

Origin: iran

Occupation: Postdoctoral, research fellow at UM

High Level Education: PH. D

Smoking :  Doesn't smoke

Hijab preference : doesn't matter

Did you convert: No


Interests/ Hobbies: I am a cover of books, traveling, trying new cuisines. In my free time, I read, exercise, play tennis, volunteer for community service or go to cinema to watch a movie with my friends sometimes

More about yourself:I am scientist, polite, religious and family oriented. I am mostly introverted, with tendencies.  like modesty and try to follow a modest and healthy life style, similar to Ahlul lbayt

Describe the qualities or preferences you are seeking in a spouse: 

Age Range:22-34

Occupation: religious, education, research, academic or health related section

Level of Education: Bachelor Degree or higher

Should she want children: yes

I prefer someone who is: single


Body Type: slim, average

More Information about the spouse you are seeking: religious, warm and kind hearted, enjoys reading, cares about social and political issues, is polite and respectful, is interested in volunteering in community services and humanitarian work likes traveling.

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