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Brother ID#: 323

ID#: 323


Year of Birth: 1963

Height: 5'9"

City of Residence:Belleville    State: MI

Country of Citizenship: USA

Marital /status:single

Origin: Pakistan

Occupation: electric engineer

High Level Education: MD

Smoking :  Doesn't smoke

Hijab preference :wear hijab regurlary

Did you convert: No

Children: No

Interests/ Hobbies: gardening, painting, cooking

More about yourself:spending free time doing things around the house like art work and listening lectures at Islamic Center online.

Describe the qualities or preferences you are seeking in a spouse: 

Age Range: In 40's

Occupation: Any

Level of Education: High School college

Should she want children: No

I prefer someone who is: single

Height: Doesn't matter

Body Type: doesn't matter

More Information about the spouse you are seeking: good listener, someone who can have a a conservation with and have a kind heart.

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