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Brother ID#: 368

ID#: 368


Year of Birth: 1982

Height: 5”7’

City of Residence: Grand Rapids  State: MI

Country of Citizenship: Canada

Marital /status: Divorced

Origin: Canada

Occupation: Visiting Professor

High Level Education: college

Smoking : doesn’t smoke

Hijab preference : wear hijab sometimes

Did you convert: No

Children: yes(don’t live with)

Interests/ Hobbies: I enjoy sitting in cafes, drinking cappuccinos. I like to write (books, articles, blogs,etc). I like to travel and wander around the city aimlessly .

More about yourself: I’m Canadian who is currently working in USA as a visiting Professor. I have completed two PHDs, clinical training in Psychoanalysis (I used to run a practice in Toronto)’ and I have an 8 year old boy who currently lives with his mom. I am a revert who cares about his religion, but is nonetheless relaxed and nonjudgmental. I like to communicate and talk a lot. Everyday of my life is like an episode of Seinfeld.

Age Range: 24-34

Occupation: No specific preference

Level of Education: doesn’t matter

Should she want children:doesn’t matter

I prefer someone who is: single

Height: short

Body Type: slim

More Information about the spouse you are seeking:Fun, adventurous, quirky, inquisitive, experimental, curious

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