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Sister ID#: 304

ID#: 304


Year of Birth: 1985

Height: 5' 5"

City of Residence: Dearborn               State: MI     

Country of Citizenship: USA

Race/Ethnicity: Lebanese

Marital /status: Never married

Origin: Lebanon

Occupation: unemployed

High Level Education: Bachelor Degree

Smoking : Doesn't Smoke

Hijab preference : not wear hijab

Did you convert: No

Children: No

Interests/ Hobbies: Physical activity, volunteering, health-wellness, family

More about yourself: I'm only girl out 3 brothers. I am very family oriented, open minded, understanding and kind. I can be very driven and determine. I'm talkative, but shy at the same time. Family is always number one to me. I have a BA in English Literature.

Describe the qualities or preferences you are seeking in a spouse: 

Age Range: 33-40

Occupation: Business or Medical

Level of Education: BA,MD, Ph,D

Should she want children: Yes

I prefer someone who is: Single  

Height: 5'9"- 6'

Body Type: Average

More Information about the spouse you are seeking:

Lebanese, well educated, liberalize but believes  in Allah. He does not need to be religious or pray, but as long he does not smoke or drink. Comes from a good family. He must be older than me. Locally is idea. I'm looking for someone who does not mind talking on the phone and meeting family in a traditional way first before meeting me in public, but yet can be liberalize or modernize at the same time. He must be family oriented. Financial stable, and serious. Funny, handsome. I don't mind divorce man, but no children (even if they live with the mother), no convert either. He must be kind, and have a good character as a good person. Understanding, patient, calm, and driven.

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