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Sister ID#: 351

October 8, 2018

ID#: 351


Year of Birth: 1986


City of Residence: Lebanon           State: MI     

Country of Citizenship:Lebanon

Marital /status: single

Origin: Lebanon

Occupation:Full time Master student

High Level Education:Master degree

Smoking : Doesn't Smoke

Hijab preference : wear hijab regularly

Did you convert: No

Children: No

Interests/ Hobbies: Traveling, experiencing new cultures…

More about yourself: Proceeding with my Masters in Human Resource Management

Describe the qualities or preferences you are seeking in a spouse: Educated, Open minded religious, strong Personality, decent looking, family oriented

Age Range: 33/39

Occupation: career oriented with a degree

Level of Education: Bachelor or Doctorate degree

Should he want children: yes

I prefer someone who is: single

Height: 5’10”

Body Type: Average

More Information about the spouse you are seeking: I would like to meet someone who is articulate and can hold deep and meaningful conversations with me, so he must be intelligent and wise. formally educated is a plus, but not a requirement. I would like someone who offers companionship and enjoys doing some of the same thing I do, but who is not possessive of my time and understands my need for time to myself to dedicate to my career and my children.

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