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01/19/13: Counsul General of Lebanon, Mr. Bilal Kabalan visits IHW

January 19, 2013- Counsul General of Lebanon, Mr. Bilal Kabalan visits IHW

The Spiritual Leader of Islamic House of Wisdom imam Mohammad Ali Elahi and the IHW Board of Trustees hosted his excellency Consul General of Lebanon, Mr. Bilal Kabalan for a warm and friendly breakfast.
The meeting, which lasted for about two hours, included IHW trustees, founding members and supporters.

Mr. Kabalan thanked imam Elahi for the invitation and discussed challenges facing the consulate and the community. He stressed the need of working together and urged community leaders to push for more openness and cooperation amongst each other and other communities in the area and the country.

"I urge you to be American before you are Lebanese," Kabalan said. "I look forward to working with religious institutions and all organizations in the community."

IHW Board Chairman, Dave Abdallah thanked Mr. Kabalan for his visit and praised his leadership and vision for unity.

Imam Elahi reflected on the history of Islamic of House of Wisdom and its quest to bring people together through intrafaith and interfaith activities. "We're here to serve humanity in general," Imam Elahi said.

Mr. Kabalan praised Imam Elahi's leadership, his record against occupation and injustice and his dedication for tolerance and acceptance. "We are looking forward to working with you," he said.

Islamic House of Wisdom is one of the largest Muslim institutions in North America and is a leader in interfaith and religious dialogue.

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